Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can the Black Conscious Community Stay Awoke?

Waking up is easy! Staying awoke in the black conscious community is the hard part. For many of us black conscious people, waking up to our Black Supremacy may have seemed like the hardest thing to do, while for some it was a piece of vegan cake. Yet the nirvana is quickly worn off compare to what it takes to stay awake or the even more pressing reality that there is no going back.

Can The Black Conscious Community Stay Awoke?
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You just wanted to soak in the black love, wear a dashiki, maybe learn Twi or another African language and eat raw food. Instead you have to actually deal with black people! Black people who are not awake and black people who are seemingly awake but wish they were still asleep. Then you look at conscious black leaders who are actually doing something in the black conscious community and compare yourself to them and ask yourself, "Am I really awake?", "Am I truly conscious". Add that self-doubt to the messages of the esoteric black conscious community and you begin to wonder, "Do I even fucking exist? I could just be a projection of myself from the planet X!"

All this confusion can really begin to add up to the point were you may become self-defeating. Then nothing you do "conscious" seems to matter to you! Not even matter matters! You begin to dismiss the conscious community and now nobody black is conscious. Nobody black can do anything right? There is one major problem here...You cannot go back to sleep! The minute you begin to feel this way, this self-perplexing, self-hating, way, not only are you metaphysically trying to go back in the bed, but you are re-engaging the Willy Lynch chip!

You could go on and on like this, not realizing that the conscious community is just a platform and a stage for you to go thru. Literally a Rite of Passage into the maturer You! It is no accident that every black person is faced with the concept of having to open their third eye. Even if you have concluded that an individual black person or groups of black people are perpetually unconscious, that doesn't take away from your expectation that they, one way or another, play a role in the awakening and liberating of us all as black people. To translate that, it simply means that spiritually, they are still immature and not responding to mindfully to the challenges that we as an overall group of black people are facing globally, in the West, and in our communities.

So here you are. Aware of all this and rightfully feeling overwhelmed. But it is too late to start closing your eyes now and the fact is you cannot go back. No matter how hard you try. There is no going back to sleep. Its either you mature as a black conscious leader and lead the sleep our of their slumber or you loose face as a black nationalist. A sell-out! We have enough of those! Why willingly join the ranks of the fallen soldiers when you can make a difference in a brotha or sistahs life? Why become a black devil and want to poke out the third eye of the black man or woman that woke you up. You gonna kill the elders? The spiritually mature for bringing you thru the right of passage into black leadership? It makes no sense.

If you fail to make it thru the rites of passage into waking up into the you that can help liberate or people out of the woes of white supremacy, chances are you are going to help many drag the rest of those awoke down with you. Now you sleep walking. You half on black supremacy and half on white supremacy. And thats as far as you'll get to ever going back to babyland or sleep.

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